Digital Marketing and a lot more – Free Workshops

Spent this evening finalising a workshop for deliver at the University of Warwick.  The National B2B Centre have won a contract to deliver a number of workshops on a range of subjects and Gareth Edwards and myself are due to deliver the first workshop tomorrow.  We’re hopning for an interactive session that will enable the attendees to go away with their questions answered.  The course will be running again in November and you can book for free at the following website.

What will we be talking about?  In effect everything to do with on-line marketing such as:

  • Planning your on-line activities
  • Search Engine Optimisation and topics such as keyword research, canonicalisation, cannibalisation and latent semantic indexing…..
  • Social Media, how to use to grow your business
  • PPC and on-line advertising, the basics to maximize conversions and reduce expenditure
  • Measurement of all areas to understand where best to spend your money

It’s a lot for one day and the aim is that you take away the basics and then come back for more through one of the more in-depth sessions arranged by the B2B Centre.  To see a list of B2B Courses follow this link to the website.

What’s your web / seo company like – are they any good

Delivered a workshop today on Google Analytics, after reviewing the site analytics we began looking at the PPC campaigns to identify opportunities.  I would recommend you review the position of your campaigns in order to make sure you’re making good use of your budgets.

The following conversation highlighted the lack of good quality support from a number of web companies.  Lots of companies I work with have web services delivered and very rarely ask for feedback and recommendations on suitable courses of action.  This particular client and a number of others I’ve seen this week actually value suppliers who provide answers and explain the reason for carrying out actions.  One client this week asked if they would find a web company that can deliver expert advice regards key areas of on-line marketing.

It’s hard to understand why companies still pay for a services and get very little back from the supplier regards changes.  If your paying for SEO / PPC the supplier should be providing recommendations and keeping you informed on changes to the site and the anticipated returns.

If you are engaged with suppliers delivering services please ask questions, this makes them earn the money for the expertise they are providing.  If anything it will show that either the supplier wants to see your business grow and work with you or they’re not up to the task.

This should also extend to building the website and ensuring the site grows with the latest technologies and drives more traffic.