Google Adwords (PPC) Training Course

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The Google Adwords Course will cover the following areas:

  • Creating effective Ad Campaigns
  • Writing Ads that work
  • The need for A/B testing
  • How to manage spend and analyse campaign performance
  • Understand the role and value of Quality Score
  • Search campaigns, shopping, display and re-targeting
  • Effective measurement through Search Console, Analytics and Adwords

Our Google Adwords Training Course will enable you to carryout effective online paid advertising campaigns. Using the Google Adwords platform well show you how to create effective ads, select relevant keywords and reduce costs to drive traffic and sales to a your website.

PartnerBadge-151030Our trainer James Pennington is a Google Certified Trainer in addition to working with a wide range of clients to improve the effectiveness of their Adwords campaigns.

Today there are many options different options to drive traffic on Googles network and understanding the role of Google Shopping and Google Search Ads is a good starting point.

The large number of businesses start with Paid Advertising using a Google voucher. They see very little in regards to return on investment.  This is due to a lack in understanding and setting of sensible objectives.

Very often making a number of changes can assist in reducing the monthly costs allocated to paid advertising.  You will learn how to reduce your spend and increase sales on this course.  We have saved clients money by changing keyword match types and identifying sensible negative keywords.

This Google Adwords course will give you the key steps to getting started on the Google platform.  You will leave with strategies to ensure you maximise the return on investment.

Our Google Adwords course runs in the midlands at a central Birmingham location and lasts a full day.  This is a practical course that helps you optimise your existing campaigns or gets you started on the road to success with online advertising.

If you’re looking for a bespoke course we can deliver at your premises.  The course can be tailored to cover specific areas of interest to ensure you gain the maximum benefit.




22nd August, 4th July