Google Adwords PPC Management

Google Adwords (PPC) Advertising can be a very costly exercise if managed incorrectly and let unmonitored.  We can assist in providing a number of services to clients in the Coventry and Birmingham area with regards to PPC Campaign management.

While assessing current Digital Marketing activities for clients it is evident that the majority of businesses end up spending as much to generate traffic using PPC ads as they generate in sales through a website.

We can assist you in ensuring that your PPC ad campaigns are optimised and monitored to ensure that the return on investment is maximised and effectiveness of your campaigns is gained.

Whether you are running text based ADs on Google Search or specific Shopping Campaigns, often there are small changes that can result in large savings in regards to spend.

A large number of campaigns waste money on simple tasks such as:

  • monitoring trigger phrases and including negative keywords
  • structuring shopping feeds with little thought to the SEO capability
  • bidding on generic and broad keywords

Often a quick review of the campaigns can provide quick improvements.

If your looking to get started with Adwords PPC Advertising or wish to have a review of your current campaigns then contact us to find out how we can help.

We can create new campaign, re-profile existing campaigns or just provide an overview of what needs to change.